> Can we receive files as soon as they are transmitted to the server?

Yes. Immediate delivery rather than once per day is an option.

> Are there naming conventions for files dropped off on the server?

No. Any name is acceptable when dropped off via FTP.

> What is the naming convention for files delivered from the server via FTP?

If you choose the “append” option, then you can use any file name. Otherwise you must append a two-digit counter to the file name to prevent overlaying files. The name may not exceed six characters, but can include an extension

ABCDEF: Files will be delivered as ABCDEF01 – ABCDEF99
ABCDEF.DAT: File names will be ABCDEF01.DAT – ABCDEF99.DAT

> Can the server deliver files to a GDG (Generation Data Group)?


> Can the server deliver SPEEDE and ExPRESS files separately?

Yes, if separate email addresses or file names are specified for SPEEDE and ExPRESS. (Likewise with separating production data from test data by the end of this month)

> Can we change our registration information?

Yes. Generally changes, such as changing from email to FTP delivery, are completed within one business day.

> Will we be notified when data is delivered to our institution?

Yes. Whenever SPEEDE delivers a file to your institution, you will receive a notification at the email address you provided during registration. If the delivery is made via FTP, the email will include the file name and directory.

> What IP address needs to be whitelisted to receive files from the SPEEDE Server?

SPEEDE’s current front-end server is at (but that is subject to change). The back-end server is

> How can I separate test files from production files?

Data element ISA15 can be set to “T” for test and “P” for production. You can also specify a separate testing address for SPEEDE to use to deliver files with ISA15 set to “T.”

> How do I get the PGP software?

See the Using PGP with SPEEDE section on the Technical page.

> What about SSH?

See the SSH FAQs section on the Technical page.